When I go riding, I always want someone with me to encourage me to do things because I get nervous when I’m alone, do you have any tips for when I’m just by myself?

Take things slowly if you are nervous. You can do things that excite you and that you have to concentrate really hard on, so you’re not worrying about other things. Convince yourself that your horse is going to look after you and protect you. Hope this helps! 😃
What I do to encourage myself to do new and exciting things with my green mare is I set up my phone on a stand so I will video my entire ride. Not only is it great for watching you and your horse, but if you decide to do something new, you will get it on video. My logic is, if it goes well, good video, but if I fall off or we fail miserably, good way to learn from our mistakes! I am much more willing to do something new if I can watch myself later. Just think of the camera as another person watching you!
I understand it can be quite nerve-wracking when you're riding alone with your horse since all decisions made are down to you and you have nobody there to advise you on whether you're making the right or wrong decision. However, the only way of getting over this is putting it into practice. Even if it is just 10 minutes a day, ride on your own with your horse in an enclosed space and keep your mind busy and your horses mind busy by practicing school movements, transitions and working on whatever you believe you need practice with. You will gain confidence the more consistent you are. At the end of the day, how will you progress if you do not take risks, make decisions for yourself and push yourself to do new things?
I ride on my own around 90% of the time. Personally, I prefer it because you have the freedom to practice whatever you'd like or just have plain fun with your horse and not have the pressure of someone else telling you what to do.
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