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How can I make sure my leg doesn't swing back when I'm going over a jump?

How can I make sure my leg doesn't swing back when I'm going over a jump?
Tying your stirrups actually really helps. You wouldn’t think so but it strengths your leg, although not as much as no stirrups. My coach uses bailing twine to tie them
Personally, I focus on keeping my heels down over the jump. Eventually, it will come naturally and you shouldn’t find that your legs swing as much
No stirrups !! If your leg is swinging back it’s normally a sign of you gripping with your knees instead of your lower leg which means you’re not as balanced as you should be. I don’t recommend throwing your leg forward before the jump because that also puts your balance in the wrong place. If you do grid/gymnastic exercises with no stirrups, that’ll help a lot. But even just no stirrups on the flat will help a lot!
No stirrups, and hold your jumping position for a whole lesson. And swing your leg forward in your jumping position.
I’m not too sure about tying your stirrups to your girth because I don’t think that would actually solve your problem, try no stirrup jumping , keep your heels down just as if you had stirrups
@mayakaustinen ok I'll try it. Any other exercises or things I can keep in mind while jumping to keep my leg position?
Use zip ties to hold your stirrups to your girth!
@egsexto wow thats intense! I would try that I just don't really know how I would tie my stirrups to the girth
A girl at my barn had that issue as well. So my instructor tied her stirrups to her girth to make sure it did t swing back