Do you know good half pads or even saddle pads for a sensitive backed horse (saddle fits properly) ?

Thin line and you can get a back on track saddle pad
I have mattes right now and my saddle fits her so well that I think it is just too thick and started hurting her back so I haven’t been using it anymore sadly because I really liked it!
I use a Mattes on my sensitive backed horse. It works very well. Although, it is a bit thicker so it depends on preference
I use a lami cell half pad that my trainer calls the “cheaper thinline”. It works great on my mare with a sensitive and tense back. She has gotten into frame easier and is more relaxed in our rides now. They are also only $50!
Thanks! That’s what I was actually looking into. That and acavallo
Hi Malia! Maybe try a thin line pad. They work as more of shock absorbers
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