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Do you prefer to ride during really hot days or really cold ones ?

Do you prefer to ride during really hot days or really cold ones ?
Really hot days because I HATE the cold and my horse gets more sore in the cold :/
Personally, I prefer warmer days bc my horse is more with it for work than on cold days. on cold days she throws a fit, but on warm days she enjoys herself more and we can get more done. I am also in a better frame of mind bc I am not freezing my behind off :)
Really cold because
1. You can wear a jumper or jacket
2. You will get warmer when you ride
3. It will be more pleasant for you and your horse than riding in really hot weather
What about you?
I would rather ride in cold weather. It would not heat up my horse so much, along with me. I’m really luck though, and my riding stable is heated, so cold may not affect me 😂
During cold days I like to work my pony but on warm days , especially since here in Ireland we don’t get many warm sunny days, I might hack her but not a huge amount of work.
Cold weather is better, even if you have to handle well the warm-up and the cooling after the session, to make sure that your horse doesn't get cold after your session, to have a good arena even if it's really cold,...

I also think it's better for our horse to work when it's cold, our feet may hurt when it's time to go back on the ground but it's better than having your horse exhausted after 10min of work :)
Hello Philippa :)

Definitely during cold days! It can be really hard for your horse to work under a hot weather, even if it might be enjoyable for us to have a bright sun above our head.