Do you think it will be ok to use a thin half pad for a old horse to give him more comfort or should I just use a thick riser pad (my saddle fits)?

Hi Sharon,

If your saddle fits correctly, I suggest not using any form of half pad. Even if it’s thin, it’ll add more pressure which isn’t the best for an old horse. I hope this helps!
If your saddle fits correctly, then adding another pad will just change the fit of it and add more discomfort. Maybe investing in a Back On Track saddle pad or something similar would be more worth your while.
I would use a thick riser bad
This was the half pad I was thinking about getting
My horse is around 20yrs old. I jump him anywhere from small x rails to 2'9". He is a bit old so I want to use a half pad.
I usually don't jump 2'9" usually only 2'~ 2'6.

My saddle fits him but he is old so I want some a half pad for more comfort and padding even when we're flatting. My saddle fits him so the only half pad that will fit him is something thin.
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