How would I relax quickly at a new yard? I’m having a job trial at a yard with high level KWPN dressage horses and I’m really nervous as to how people are going to think of me there

Also, just get to know a few people who are nice. It’s good to talk and have sort of an inner circle where you’re comfortable, especially if you feel uncomfortable or need someone to talk to
I don’t think think you should be worried. The fact that you are working there (if i disected your question properly) is proof that you are good enough. I’m sure people will be nice. There will always be judgmental people but I’m positive you’ll have a good experience there, especially with the people
Hi Rebecca
Just speak to people there and get to know them don’t worry about what people think of you because at the end of the day it’s you and you trainers job to judge you not anyone else feel confident and don’t be shy
Hope this helps
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