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What is the best half pad to use and why?

What is the best half pad to use and why?
Thanks you Mia for the recommendation
It depends on what you need it for. Oglivy abd Mattes are good brands, however, they are on the more expensive size. As I mentioned, which half pad you purchase all depends on what it’s purpose will be. If your saddle fits well, I suggest not using one at all
What do you hope to accomplish with the pad? Fill in an area, hike up the back of the saddle or shock absorption? Each half pad does different things.
Ogilvy 100%
Hello Delia!

My favorite half pads to use are Ogilvy, Equifit, and Thinline! Personally, I use ogilvy in practice with a ultra Thinline pad under my saddle pad directly under my saddle. It has helped a lot! The saddle fit plays a big role because of how it fits and how a half pad can accommodate your fit.
I Think it depends on your Horse and saddel. Like What you want the pad used for. If Its for a saddel that slips get more of a grippy pad etc