Do you have ideas of what kind of prizes to buy for a show and what do you like to receive as prizes (cash prizes are not an option)?

Gift cards to small local tackshops supports the community 😊
Saddle pads, halters, sheets as prizes. But ribbons and trophies are pretty cool too :)
I think you can make this super fun. There could be a prize room full of awesome stuff
Hi Suzanne!
In my personal opinion, I love to receive ribbons or trophies, but it's true that they are not as useful as tack as prize.
Depending of the competition level I would choose one thing or another, but maybe the competitor prefer to receive tack because they will use it someday :)
Hope it helps!
a few of the things I have received are: brushes, hoof picks, buckets, shampoo, horse jewelry, liniment, homemade horse treats, saddle cleaner, and sponges. For some bigger prizes for champion and reserve you could give fly masks, basic halters, nice water bottles with the show name and champion or reserve, a lunch box with the show name and champion or reserve, and a wooden grooming box with a plaque hat has the show name and champion/reserve with cheap brushes in if.
If it’s a fun type show I suggest horse treats, maybe a head collar or simple everyday horsey things
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