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Do you go to the gym, and if so, what exercises/equipment do you do/use?

Do you go to the gym, and if so, what exercises/equipment do you do/use?
Streching and yoga.

Cycling and cardio.

Swimming and jogging.
I don’t go to the gym, but I do exercise daily, apart from when I have an injury or I’m sick of course. If you’re looking to get fit quickly, do interval training (where you get your heart rate up and then down, and then up again). This is the fastest way to get fit, and it is even faster than going for long runs every day.
On the other hand, if you’re looking to get strong, I recommend squats, planks (very good for your abs) wall sits, mountain climbers, etc.

Hope this helps!! 😊💪
I go to the gym twice a week, when I don’t go to the gym I try to practice yoga at home with an app. However at the gym I do HIIT(high intensity interval training) I have noticed a lot of improvement in myself. I used to have a lot of back pains and it was because my muscles weren’t excersised now my back barely hurts. It is a method that you never get tired of and you have different challenges every day, I strongly recommend you try that out!
I try to make it to the gym at least twice a week outside of riding! I have bad knees so I use the elliptical instead of a treadmill, which is i think is overall better for both cardio and muscle toning. But the most important piece of gym equipment for riders is the rowing machine! It’s perfect for building up the shoulder muscles we use in riding that otherwise are hard to target in workouts. Ever since I started “rowing”, I can handle strong horses more easily and I don’t collapse in the chest.
I have a book called Fit To Ride. It does a lot of cardio. It also does a lot of lifting weights.
I do a lot of cardio, one of my favorite excercises to tone my legs is running up and down the stairs consecutively, at least 10 times. Then I do a jump rope routine. I follow a workout schedule, abs every other day three days a week. I also do back excercises with the ab workouts. The other days are butt workouts, and weekend is arm and legs and a rest and stretch day. I also do cardio before each toning workout, and stretch after to get leaner muscles.
I don’t go to the gym typically, but my mom has seen the importance of keeping yourself fit outside of riding and has had me working with a personal trainer. I mainly do core and leg exercises at home (flutter kicks, obliques, v-sit crunches, crunches, floor jacks, etc.). I also run at least half a mile every other day. It has tremendously helped my riding, improving my stamina, my leg position, and my confidence knowing I am in shape.