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What do you eat the day before a show and do you choose slow sugar or fast sugar?

What do you eat the day before a show and do you choose slow sugar or fast sugar?
I have done a lot of showing I get nervous at shows and loose my appetite because of nerves
Lots of water (I get headaches from my helmet if I wear it too long) and I force some small food in me as I loose my appetite with nerves
Why would you want to eat something special ? No food will make you better ^^
I always drink a ton of water and get plenty of carbohydrates and eat lots of fruit and vegetables
I’d stay away from artificial sugars and turn towards foods with protein so you’ll feel more full during the day. Also drink LOTS of water
I don’t eat Anything nor drink much until after my jump classes.
Definitely slow sugar! I usually have something light, like a bowl of fruit, or apples and Peanut Butter. 😄
I don’t eat much but like most I focus on my horses diet
preferably, i just try to eat healthy before a show. i also drink caffeine :)
Sweets 😅 I mostly focus on my horses diet not mine
Bananas 😂
I don’t really eat very much before a show because I don’t want an upset stomach right before I get on so I usually eat something light like a banana
@chiaraamor same :p but I like Red Bull too :D
I eat whatever I feel like the day before a show. Then on the day of the show I don’t eat anything until after I ride 😂 but I like drinking a coffee or juice to get my sugar and caffeine up. I’m the worst I know 😂
I actually don't eat too much before a show. I don't want anything upsetting my stomach. Like other people said, bananas and "not too sweet" cereal are my go-to breakfast.
The morning of a show I like to eat bananas! Natural anxiety reducer!

I read this article about eating sugar before a workout, it's not especially made for equestrian sports but it's quite the same I guess.

Here is the link :
Hi Mark 🙂

The night before a show, I usually eat pasta, not too much and without too many creme or any sauce.
I prefer low sugar, because the energy will come to my body little by little.

I eat fast-acting sugar just before my class, like dates or dark chocolate!