What do you eat the day before a show and do you choose slow sugar or fast sugar?

I don’t really eat very much before a show because I don’t want an upset stomach right before I get on so I usually eat something light like a banana
@chiaraamor same :p but I like Red Bull too :D
I eat whatever I feel like the day before a show. Then on the day of the show I don’t eat anything until after I ride 😂 but I like drinking a coffee or juice to get my sugar and caffeine up. I’m the worst I know 😂
I actually don't eat too much before a show. I don't want anything upsetting my stomach. Like other people said, bananas and "not too sweet" cereal are my go-to breakfast.
The morning of a show I like to eat bananas! Natural anxiety reducer!

I read this article about eating sugar before a workout, it's not especially made for equestrian sports but it's quite the same I guess.

Here is the link : https://edition.cnn.com/2016/09/23/health/best-worst-sugar-workout/index.html
Hi Mark 🙂

The night before a show, I usually eat pasta, not too much and without too many creme or any sauce.
I prefer low sugar, because the energy will come to my body little by little.

I eat fast-acting sugar just before my class, like dates or dark chocolate!
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