Do you have any tips on grooming your horse in general to make his/her coat shiny and make him/her look good?

One thing you could do is give your horse a food that is good for their coat. I groom my horse every day twice a day and I use all NATURAL BRISTLE BRUSHES because plastic and synthetic brushes strip all of the oils from the coat. With a hard brush make sure you use short strokes with flicks and use lots of pressure to massage the muscles and get all of the deep dirt out. I curry comb everyday too, I don’t know why but it really helps with the shiny coat. Also “The Pink Stuff” works really well as a coat conditioner just make sure to dilute it!!! :)
You could also consider using a food with linseed in it or adding it to his/her feed as will produce a nice shiny coat. Also using a stable runner (cloth) other the coat will help
Cow boy magic works like a charm. I have so much of there stuff and everything works so well. Highly recommended.
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