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How do you keep your horse looking at their best?

How do you keep your horse looking at their best?
I groom my horse for at least 20 minutes, and put show sheen in his name and tail when brushing it and fly spray after since its summer and pesky flies are back again. Then after I ride, I either put hoof oil to keep out the moisture and rinse him off if he's really sweaty and put flyspray after or if he's not, groom him really good to get all the dirt out his girth area and put hoof oil. And show sheen and flyspray him again.
Thank you to everyone that answered! This totally helps, I’ve just been noticing that he is getting really dusty and legs are really gross every time I come to ride him
Hi Anna,

I spend at least 20-30 minutes brushing and grooming my horse each time I’m at the barn. Once a week I’ll use show sheen in his tail, and brush it out. Same with his mane. I wipe his face down, and scrub his legs if they’re muddy. Once a month I bathe him in the summer to keep his coat shining. I hope this helps!
I groom my horse well every time I go to the barn! I never do a quick groom.
Keep up with brushing everyday or every other day if possible. Give baths once or twice a week