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For anyone who watched Rolex: What do you guys think about Marilyn Little's horse having a bloody mouth and what do you think should be done?

For anyone who watched Rolex: What do you guys think about Marilyn Little's horse having a bloody mouth and what do you think should be done?
This is her fourth or fifth bloody mouth- she said the horse cut her lip in warmup and then it reopened on course. Looking at where the blood was coming from in the pictures, I'd reluctantly accept that, but at the same time, while one bloody mouth can be chalked up to an accident, four or five cannot. In my opinion, the USEF and other governing bodies need to review their bit and equipment laws (I'd like to see things like fast twist bits banned, and then set regulations as to how tight a flash or figure eight noseband can be) and really crack down on horses with blood on their mouths. While blood on the belly and flanks happens, because cross country isn't always the safest thing and horses can scratch themselves on jumps, blood on the mouth is the fault of the rider unless there was a freak accident (horse fell/bashed their face into a jump somehow), and when that happens, it should be obvious.
I think that she really should have pulled out of the competition to evaluate the situation, make sure her horse was going to be okay, and consider options for avoiding hurting her horse again in the future. There’s always going to be another shot at competing, but there isn’t always going to be another horse.
Since her horse has been seen with a bloody mouth before. I think she should be fined and banned from any equestrian competition for at least one year.
honestly, i think that no one can judge what a horse or rider needs besides the trainer or the person on their back. the but seemed strong, but maybe she was using it incorrectly because of all the blood. i'd definitely say they need to check the safety and whether or not thus needed because a horse should never be bleeding like that
@chloecarleton they're a very populour bit on NZ. My instructor used it on her very sensitive but strong horse.
@freyatopper I do understand bits can be as harsh as who ever uses them, anything can in the wrong hands really! I just personally never heard of a hackabit I just thought it would be a lot of pressure for the horse.
@chloecarleton I hadn't seen the pictures before commenting. Yes, her hackabit was very harsh but that doesn't mean all hackabits are harsh. The one I use has a soft, flexible rope with a rubber, floppy mouth which is extremely flexible. Bits are as harsh as the rider who uses them.
@freyatopper how is having so much pressure on a horse soft? And maybe it is it don’t know but she didn’t use it softly and caused damage to her poor horse
I totally agree with poor horsewomen, Little doesn’t give a crap about how her horse might feel, flash noseband was too tight. Her horse was gushing blood from the flash and she proceeded to say it was ”just a minor cut” when we could all see it wasn’t and then they proceeded to wipe the horse’s mouth with a RED towel. What was that?! Covering up horse abuse once again. @chloecarleton I agree with you and @alannahreilly
Can I just say hackabits are actually quite soft.
@chloecarleton hackabits are actually super soft.
horsemanship is extremely poor and i hate it so much
from what it looks like, her bit is already very harsh. I don’t know the horse, maybe she needs it, but it looks like a double corkscrew, to put that along with a hackmore is obviously hurting her horse bc of the bleeding in the mouth. you should really know better than to do that if you are competing at rolex🤔. i really feel horrible for that horse, she was also pullin pretty hard. there really is no good arguement to support that amount of pressure on the horses face while he is doing a very strenuous activity. I obviously don’t know the horse, but that is horrible. I use a bit, and am fine with them as long as they aren’t very harsh, but that I can’t find any arguement at all in this.
anyone who defends her clearly doesn’t know anything about horses. besides the bleeding mouth her equipment is messed up , hackamores are used instead of bits they’re not to be put together
@chloecarleton agreed. This time she told people that it was just a minor cut before her run and then they wiped the horses mouth with a red towel so they wouldn’t see how bad it was. I don’t understand how people can defend her when there is clearly something bad happening
I haven’t seen her ride before , but those picture are horrible her flash is so tight, and she really doesn’t need a bit with a hackamore
I’m just going to do a brief summary of what happened:

Marilyn Little, famous eventer, has competed in Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event for a few years now. In 2015 (I think? Maybe 2016) her horse had a bloody mouth. She went on like nothin had happened. Now a few years later, it happened AGAIN! She uses a hackamore and adds a bit so there is pressure on both the nose and mouth. She also has the flash way too tight. People are now concerned that she is a abusive and others are defending her. Personally I think something isn’t right. Her equipment is not fitting the horse correctly and she clearly did not care enough about her horses mouth bleeding to change it. And another question I wonder is “does this happen during her practice rides?”

Here are links to pictures: