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What is the best way to treat a sprained fetlock?

What is the best way to treat a sprained fetlock?
I'm hand walking him every day now. The heat has gone so will give him another week b4 heat. The onley reason I have asked is because so meany people put the horses out in the field to recover and forget about them and others say box rest im just so confused as two compleat different directions
Thank you
When you start working him again is really not something a person over the internet can tell you. There are just too many factors. I'd get your vet to recheck before even hand walking him.

Also, make sure there is absolutely no heat left in the injury area. If you apply heat over inflammation then it will make it all a lot worse.
Thank you yes been out we don't no wot one it is it is quite bad tho he has been on box rest 5 weeks now and looks like we are getting some where he has his ice boot on once a day but will start with a bit of heat to in the next week or so I just didant no when people started to ride again / exercise
Thank you
Has your vet been out? What ligament is sprained? How badly is it sprained? Has it tore? A physiotherapist, along with your vet, can help the tense muscles and can go someway towards speeding up the healing of the ligament. Otherwise it's just rest. If there's still heat, then cold hosing or ice to get rid of inflammation. After the heat has left the area, you can actually start applying heat to the area to increase blood flow and remove damaged tissue.

When the horse can start moving again, or if it requires other treatment/bandaging/drugs is up to the vet and physio so it's best work with them.
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