I am just coming back from shoulder surgery, I've been unable to ride for 7 weeks. What are the best ways to get fit for competition fast?

There isn't magic potion or a all in one solution. Getting fit takes a lot of effort and dedication and most importantly time. Miss one factor and it won't work. Just be patient and work on it everyday. You will see results slowly but surely. Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle, not some diet/fad that lasts at most a few weeks. Remember, being fit is only 20% fitness and 80% diet. Don't jump in and rush yourself for some competition. Take your time and make sure you completely heal first. You will get stronger little by little. If you overwork yourself then it might just get worse. Just take it easy. I know it's cheesy, but slow and steady wins the race! Good luck in your competitions though:)
After riding and seeing what is weak, look for excersises to target those areas
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