What are some advice to get a horse to walk while lunging? My pony is very good with trotting and cantering but I can’t get her to walk, she would just trot slower.

@jessicama well thank you , but I personally would use it to train my pony. But thank you :)
@chloecarleton I know you didn't say that, but I was just reminded of that when another reply said or just put her on a big circle and let her tire herself out. I was just stating my opinion on that. Sorry if I offended you. I understand how you might have misunderstood. I just think too many people use lunging as a way to tire their horses out. But it's more of a 'quick fix' solution that could backfire in the long run. Again, didn't mean to assume, was just stating my opinion on it. Have a nice day:)
@jessicama I didn’t say I lunge her to tire her out , she’s also not a strong horse , she just needs to learn commands and my voice as she is young.
Honestly I don't believe in lunging the horse just to tire it out. You could use it once in a while if your horse is super fresh, or for bonding etc, but if you do it consistently then your horse will just get stronger and stronger and it will take even more time to lunge them before you ride. Lunging isn't the solution to a strong horse, just like using a harsher bit isn't. And to stop, you just get in front of the horse's driving line, which is their shoulder.
Small circles
I had a mare like that and I used to either put her on a big circle and let her tire herself out or make the circle gradually smaller to force her to walk
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