How do you get your horse to jump when he's nervous and doesn't want to?

do what @steph.pilley said first. If that still doesn't work then maybe you should consider trying another discipline that your horse may enjoy more or getting a horse that likes to jump. I feel that it would be unfair to force your horse to do something that he clearly doesn't want to do and have to force him every step of the way. If your horse doesn't like his job, then he won't be able to perform his best, no matter what you try to do. Jumping is a discipline that requires brave horses that are willing to jump even if the pole comes down. Heart is just as important as speed or the scope. It's ok if he refuses once in a while or has a bad day. We have all been there. But if it's something that he's doing consistently then clearly this isn't the discipline for him and I don't see why you would have to force him to do it.
Maybe try trot poles then do raised poles and slowly get taller but dont go to crazy!!!
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