Do you know some fun and interesting exercises to do only at the trot? Except for poles, I have done them so much my mare is bored.

figure eights, you can even incorporate obstacles like pool noodles and have her trot in between two noodles.
I think you should try surpintines for sure! (I’m pretty sure I spelt that wrong)
Figure eights, surpintines, any kind of patterns.
Leg yields and shoulder ins really helped my mare who was smart but hated schooling and was hyper active
Hi Abby,

You can trot/ walk up and down hills. If you have access to a cross country course, you can trot through water, it usually doesn’t bore horses much.

Hope this helps :)
she is so incredibly tense, so at the canter she switches her back end over and over again, almost every stride. i am doing light work with her until the chiropractor can come out, but i want i keep her entertained and in shape. i have done so many poles she is bored. I have been doing all of her stretches on a very regular basis, but she is just one of those horses that is so muscular and anxious that she is always tense and constantly needs the chiropractor. i really want her to stay happy while I am not cantering very much, and I am hopefully gonna show her in her first bigger show real soon. thanks y’all!
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