I'm debating between two saddle brands: ovation vs. pessoa. Which one would you choose and what brand do you like/recommend more and why?

I really like peossa saddles and I find them quite durable as well, I have had mine for three years now and there isn’t a scratch on it. I totally trust the brand and would recommend you getting that one. Hope this helps!
Pessoa are great saddles and super comfy with a great feel when riding in them
Pessoa is a better known and trusted brand.
I do have a Pessoa right now and I LOVE it. It is a bit old and has a few stitches so I was thinking of putting it up for sale for $650 or around there and getting a used ovation or m.toulouse. I would get a m.toulouse but they have shorter flaps so they don't really fit my legs
I totally agree with Abby. They are also adjustable, so they can be adjusted to fit your horse as well. I recently got one and I love it!
I would choose Pessoa, because they look nice in the show ring, are pretty durable, and fit nicely. I have ridden in a Pessoa saddle a few times and have loved them!
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