How have you changed over time you’ve ridden and what are the biggest struggles you’ve faced as a rider?

I learned how to transition better and I faced problems with my horse such as bucking and stuff
Hi Coleen!

I loved your response! Over the years as I’ve progressed as a rider, my view of not only how to ride, but why does one do specific techniques to ride have changed. As I’ve become more experienced, I’ve begun to ask more questions regarding techniques, why I should use a specific item, and why should I ride one way rather than another.
Similarly to you, one of my biggest struggles is not giving up and not getting frustrated when something doesn’t go how I expected.
Hello Martha!

Very interesting question!
I think my general vision of equitation changed through the years. Now, I want to understand not only what I am doing or using but also why. For example, why would I need boots if my horse doesn't have shoes?
I think the biggest struggle is to stay motivated when I have difficulties with my horse

What about you?
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