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Do you think Friesians can be used as jumping horses or just for dressage and why?

Do you think Friesians can be used as jumping horses or just for dressage and why?
Any breed can jump, you just need the training. It may be harder to train because they are more used for dressage but it will be fine.
I agree with Alannah any breed can jump but since a friesian has a high head carriage they wouldn’t put their head down as much as other breeds. I really like friesians in dressage too though, I love their flashy movement and stride. I think that you can do either or and everyone would be perfectly fine with it. Hope this helps
Any breed can jump, it’s just how well they can jump. A fresian is a big, heavy, strong horse so they aren’t going to be able to jump as high. Think of it like a quarterback in football (big, muscular) trying to jump over a 4 foot obstacle. He would obviously not do as well as a running back, who is thin and lean. The quarterback is like a fresian, and the running back is like a thoroughbred or warm blood. Sorry if this didn’t make any sense to you because of the football example (I’m clearly a football fan!) but I guess to sum it up, fresian can be used for jumping, just they won’t be able to jump high, so they are not commonly used for jumping. They are more common in dressage because they have a very pretty build and presentation. Hope this helps (but it probably didn’t because I was all over the place in this response 😂)
Fresians are considered as draft horses and they are mostly known for dressage. Warmbloods are super athletic and dominate the show jumping and dressage world as well. Fresians can still jump, but they just aren't the best breed for jumping. Of course in lower level jumping it shouldn't matter, but just know that they aren't going to be your Grand Prix show jumpers.
Idk but I’m a jumper and I wanna buy a Friesian horse