Which bits do you suggest for strong horses who rush at the jumps in cross country and showjumping?

Hey! I have a mare that used to rush at the jumps, I started by using a elevator snaffle! we had a fall and the snaffle broke so I started to use the Pessoa snaffle and I'm loving it! Both with 2 reins (one in the normal ring and the other one on the lower ring) It allows me to use as a normal snaffle and just when she tries to rush I use the lower rein!
Hope it helps
Also recommend grids and placing poles in front of the jump! Exercises, plus the right aids h
I’m a hunter and use a French link Pelham and it’s allowed flexibility with how harsh it can be with the curb chain, but also allowed me the control if I needed it since I can put slack in the curb rein which then turns in to pretty much a basic snaffle when he’s being good. But it does take quiet hands because it can be a harsh bit in some circumstances.
any twisted bits are strong enough yet my horses are hunter trained
Maybe a Waterford or a gag bit
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