Did you ever faced a difficult horse during his teenage years and how did you cope with it?

Looking find out about horse moods as teenagers
my mare is only 3..will be following comments 😊
Ride them through it πŸ˜‚Just check them over with the dentist, osteo and physio to make sure it's not pain. If it isn't pain they will grow out of it
Hello πŸ™‚

I had the same problem as Connor, my mare became really sensitive and unpredictable, around 6 years old.

My trainer had to help me, and it got better. But before that, I spent a few very difficult months...

I read this article that might help you: https://www.manitobacooperator.ca/2011/04/21/teenagers-including-horses-need-careful-handling/

Like Lily said before, it can start around 5 years old, for my horse it was when he reached his 6th year. He became really hard to work, would be very excited, always rushes...

In order to work properly, I had to lunge him before every training.

Luckily, it didn't last, he became more serene at 7 years old and now that he's 8, he's absolutely perfect!
Hello Linda,

Around 5 years old, horses become stronger with their adult morphology, and when they realize it, you can face some difficult moments πŸ˜‰
It can last until they are 8 years old, but it really depends on each horse.
Some horses start their 'crisis' at 8 years old whereas some will never do it.
It depends on the lifestyle of the horse, his breaking, his education,...

To deal with it, I don't think you should change all your habits, it's better to have the same routine, to work just like you would do if he wasn't acting crazy sometime.

Hope it helps πŸ™‚
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