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What are reasons why good horses go to slaughter? I rescued my horse from going to one and she has clearly been fully trained, is willing to work, and is so sweet!

What are reasons why good horses go to slaughter? I rescued my horse from going to one and she has clearly been fully trained, is willing to work, and is so sweet!
@jessica_equestrian I agree. I wish I could be vegetarian but there are a few reasons why I couldn’t including a) I love meat (I always feel bad eating it though...) b) I rely on protein a lot, c) if I don’t eat meat it’s very unhealthy for me because it is a big part of my balance in health and does a lot to support me. But yes, i 100% agree that people don’t think of other animals sent to slaughter and people don’t take notice of the abuse that happens!
Why send any animal to slaughter? Why is it that people ask why horses are sent to slaughter but not cows or pigs?
I agree with @chloecarleton you may think the slaughter is humane in NZ but slaughter is slaughter. It is exactly how it sounds. It sounds terrible and disgusting and cruel.
@freyetopper what is the slaughter like in New Zealand? I personally don’t know how slaughter could be good in any way shape or form. If the horse is not safe to be around at all, I would put it down.
I don't know where you live but horses being sent to slaughter is very different in NZ. It's much more humane.
I agree that the way horses are sent to slaughter is inhumane. However, in some cases it is nicer for the horse to be put down humanely instead of a life of suffering.
@chloecarleton and @abbyloveshorses thank you so much! It means so much coming from other equestrians in the horse world saying things like that. I really appreciate it ❤️ Also, @abbyloveshorses good uck at your show! I'm sure you'll do great!
To @unicorn_freya_rose ummm... I don’t think any horse should be going to slaughter. Every horse that is “too traumatized” by past experiences can get better. They need time. Patience. The right person. If I rescued a horse from going to a slaughterhouse and it couldn’t be in a paddock with other horses and people couldn’t go within 10 feet of it I would keep trying. If I had to keep them for months without ever being able to touch it, I would. Because the horse can learn to trust. Even if it takes years. Even if it means sitting in the paddock for 3 hours just for them to sniff you. It just takes one person to try.
If the horse was still unable to go near humans after multiple years, then I would humanely put them down. Without pain. Without fear. But I am almost positive that after years of trying, the horse would at least be able to be touched by one person. If you came everyday and stood in their paddock, standing still for hours, the horse would learn to trust.
I truly don’t understand. people have sick, sick minds to do that to perfect animals. Props to you for saving your horse from slaughter. I agree with @chloecarleton that we need many more people like you. I didn’t save my mare from slaughter, but I did rescue her from being a paddock ornament for the rest of her life. Sometimes they are crazy, my mare was like that for a very long time. People told me to give up on her, that she was worthless and just too crazy. but we are going to show them this weekend at her first big show almost exactly a year after she first came to us hiding in the back of her stall because she was so scared of people. Most of them, like my mare, just need a person to love them, then you will see how amazing they truly are. there are perfectly good animals, and congress is sick for allowing horses to go to slaughter again.
@chloecarleton sometimes it's better for the horse. I know someone who rescued a horse that was going to slaughter but it has been through too much mental trauma to even be safe in the paddock. I also had another friend save a horse from slaughter that went on to jump PGP. It all depends on the horse and what they've gone through.
How do any horses go to slaughter really. It’s so horrible. I don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s okay to slaughter such beautiful animals! And well done for saving your horse from slaughter! There needs to be more people like you! X