How do you estimate the cost of a horse? I'd like to know how much a level headed showjumper who can jump up to the 1.30’s/1.40’s would cost (from Florida).

It depends on so many factors, some being breed, pedigree, how much training it has, what age, and finally what the owner is willing to sell it for. It shouldn't matter where the horse is. The price won't really reflect that. For example, it doesn't matter that the horse is in FL, it would be the same price in another state. However, horses from Europe tend to be cheaper for the same qualities. I think 4-5 yr olds usually jump 1.30 already and are 30,000-40,000 euros. A horse with the same quality would be at least 80k in the U.S. But if you mean a horse from Wellington, then it may be more expensive. The cheapest horse there is probably around 30k and it can go up to 150k plus and even millions if they are Grand Prix. But a horse jumping that high could be anywhere from 40k -100k there. Just an estimate.
Just look at a lot of websites it varies so much! You can get a horse that can jump that but can’t go higher, or you can pay more to buy a horse that has scope for more. Depends on a lot of things
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