Ask @cedrictriolet : What is the best way to handle your emotions on shows and gain more confidence when jumping?

Hi Emilie!

Well , everyone is different on their level of emotions but what i saw in all my riders is when the coach prepare you well enough , when he puts you on the height that feels comfortable for you, the stress level in show is much much less when you feel prepared.
So I would say always be first completely prepared in training for the height of your competition before and you will see that being confident on your capacities and your horse capacities , will reduce your stress and make you get a much better show, and then of course , the more you show the more your confidence grow, just remember, even if one day you have a problem in a show ( as we all do as this sport bring you up and down all the time) there is always a solution and everything can be fixed with pacience and the proper work for it ;)

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