Ask Cedric Triolet : I have a young selle francais who likes to grab on to the bit and pull really hard. I have tried mosltly any strong bit that you can think of. What do you advise?

Hello Mia,

Unfortunatly that the common default of selle francais horses, very brave, good heart but strong on the mouth.
I'm use to deal with them but each need different bits depending how they pull you, if he pulls you down I would recommend a gag or a pessoa to have a up effect on the horse's head but what is mostly important with them is to not give a fix contact and use all the time half halt and work a lot lot lot in transitions on poles on the ground.

That works 99% of the times, the problem with those strong mouth horses is that we have tendancy to pull all the time and that just makes it worst. But if you work on half halt all the time (can be strong half halt but not more than 2-3 second each ) we don't give a fix contact to the horse so he can't use our pulling to pull back on our hands contact.

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