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Ask @cedrictriolet : How did you become an FEI tutor?

Ask @cedrictriolet : How did you become an FEI tutor?
Hi Emily,

Well I was living in South America in that time 13 years ago, and I was training the Bolivian team when the FEI decided to start this coaching system method and did the pilot course in Bolivia as it's a small country with a small federation, just when I was there.

So the Irish olimpic teainer at that time Gerry Mullins, came to give the course to the Bolivien trainers and I took it also and he immediatly asked me after the course if I were interested in becoming a tutor to give that course in all South America as I speak fluid Spanish, of course I said yes so the FEI formed me and I started there and did it for 5 years in South America and then FEI started sending me worldwide as I speak fluid French, English and Spanish, so I spend my years between countries and clinic for riders as personal clinics and for coaches as FEI clinics.