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What are your opinions on Saddle Seat riding? As a Saddle Seat rider I want to hear what the dressage and jumper world feels about us.

What are your opinions on Saddle Seat riding? As a Saddle Seat rider I want to hear what the dressage and jumper world feels about us.
As a jumper, and a past SaddleSeat rider, I really respect the SaddeSeat industry. They still ride horses, so not much of a difference from us. I’m also great friends with a saddleseat rider. So basically, I just think you guys are all great! 😂
@equestrianjess I appreciate the honesty! Many people feel the same as you. As a fellow jumper I love it and understand why it's one of the worlds biggest disciplines. For many SS riders it's the feeling of riding the horse. You know the split second moment when going over a jump and you almost feel the body tingle that a how it feel s to ride a SS horse the entire time. It really is an amazing experience that I get the pleasure don riding all the time. I have ridden personally probably over 100 different horses from jumping to western Pleasure and nothing feels the same a SS. A lot of people, like you said, don't like the "forced" look that some people see but in reality they enjoy showing as much as a horse like hickstead enjoyed jumping in front of a crowd. It may not be your cup of tea just as I don't understand doing the barrel pattern ALL the time but that's what makes the equestrian community amazing because there is always something for everyone. I do recommend if you ever get the chance to go to a saddlebred, Morgan, or Arabian facility (a good one lol) give it a try just to see. And if it's still not your thing then that is ok but I think you'd be suprised
@equestrianjess I appreciate the honesty! There are lots of people that have the exact same opinion as you
First off, totally not hating or trying to offend anyone, but since you asked for an opinion, and everyone is focusing on abuse, but even without abuse SS is just not my cup of tea. I never got the point of it, and I just don't like how saddlebreds hold themselves. It may be natural for them like you said, but it the big scheme of things it does seem a bit forced. As a jumper, I get that there is also abuse in my disciplines as well as others, in theory, let's say no discipline has any abuse whatsoever( I know that's not true just theoretically speaking), I don't find saddlebreds or SS appealing. I'd much rather watch dressage because I like the way dressage horses 'frame up' and hold themselves. I always find that Saddlebreds hold their head way too high even if it is natural for them, so their backs seem to be hollowed out and I don't think that's too good for their backs. Again, this is coming from a jumper and I'm trying not to be ignorant, but I also can't dismiss the fact that I don't really know anything about SS. Just saying at surface level, from what I see, I don't find any beauty or elegance to it, just seems forced and unnatural to me. Again, don't know objective of SS, maybe the whole point is to exaggerate everything. It's just my personal opinion from what I do see.
@alannahreilly I am so sorry if I offended you I did not mean it in that manner. There are several different reasons for using different bits not just for controlling the horse. Even though the shank on as horses looks harsh often the mouth price is smooth with a low port. For the shoes what I mean for two inches is the height of the shoe from the ground to where the foot is sitting on the shoe. Now before you think this is ridiculous 95% of this height is padding, this of it of an orthodics for people. The Big Lick shoes are typically 5-6 inches in height with the foot chopped right off. The angles of the foot are all wrong and with the extr bad trainers the hide devices in the foot between the shoes such as springs etc. Soaring DOES NOT occur with any other breeds other that TW and they are getting batter about eliminating it. Unfortunently tradition is a hard thing to break hence why the Big Lick still occurs. Each generation is taught that this is acceptable so the cruelty continues. The height of other breeds shoes DO NOT exceed 2 inches and we do not practice any of the Big Lick torture and cruelty. There are many divisions in the saddlebred world (easiest breed to use) that don't allow for the pads and wedges at all but the movement is still there
@catrionakozijn first off, I never said that other disciplines don’t use harsh bits. I said that everyone does and I think it is wrong. I think if you need such a strong bit to control your horse then you should go back to basics and teach your horse how to respond to what you are asking because they clearly do not understand or do not care to listen to what you ask. Also can I ask what it means when you say that the tallest shoes are 2 inches? Honestly asking a question- I really don’t understand what that means.
@mssharonpark the horses high step is natural, we enhance it with resistance training and specialized shoes. Now saddleseat horses out side of the Tennessee Walkers do not have those giant ridiculous shoes. The tallest shoes you will find are maximum 2 inches Ndwhat many people don't realize is that 95% of the shoe package is padding such as leather and plastic pads. We use this to enhance the frog. With less shock hitting the frog the more comfortable the horses are which allow them to trot as high as the wish. For instance if you look at my horse Alphastar Out of Town the image I have used for him is him trotting barefoot. You can see that even without shoes he trots what we call "level" now he wears a regular keg shoe with a leather pad and he trots over level. The reason I have asked this question is because it hurts how much our discipline is hated on all because one breeds stupid decisions.
I do wonder how you make your horse's trot that exaggerated. Again I'm a hunter jumper so I don't know anything about that stuff. I always thought that Saddle Seat is similar to Tenessee walkers and is a bit "abusive". I really don't know anything about it though so what I'm stating could be wrong. I'm not hating on you or the discipline though, I really don't know much about it.
@alannahreilly many believe the bits are harsher in SS than other, but in reality we are no different than the rest of the horse world. Even in the jumping world you get harsh bits such as a broken double twister snaffle. If people don't that's harsh they are nuts. It also depends on the horse, if I rode my hot head horse in only a smooth snaffle all the time my arms would be the size of trees. Due to the amount of hatred put towards the Big Lick the rest of us also suffer from that wrath. Nothing is worse than haveinf people on social media verbally abuse you and what you do with your horse and then wrongly associating you with the thing that you also don't agree with. In SS it is desired to have a constant contact of the horses mouth and many are hot in nature so need a constant reminder to stay on there feet lol. Teaching a horse to set its head up is no different then teaching a dressage horse to collect. If a horse does not wish to carry its head up other divisions are available and becoming for common in the saddlebred world such as western and hunter on the flat. I will not deny that traditionally a small muscle in the base of the tail was "cut" to soften the tail. With new world views I would say that 85-90 % of trainers are staying away from this proceadure and focusing on gradually softening the tail muscles with stretch training. I do appreciate that you have asked questions.
The only thing I really know about it is the abuse that come with it. I’m not sure if everyone does soar their horses, and if you don’t then I don’t see a problem with it. The second you start putting chemicals and chains on the horse I have a problem. I have also noticed that the bits are harsh.
Like I said, I really don’t know anything about it other than the big lick, so already I am biased even if I try not to be (sorry!) If I try to take that out of the equation then I think it is definitely better. One thing I seem to notice (again, I don’t know what is commonly used for SS riding or anything about it, so if I’m wrong please correct me!) is that the bits are generally harsher? I am not for harsh bits, in fact I only use a snaffle but I don’t like anything stronger than a slow twist snaffle bit. This is something that bothers me about almost every type of riding in the equine world, not just SS (if they do use harsh bits). Also sometimes how the horse holds their head seems a little bit forced sometimes. I understand that saddlebreds naturally have a high head position, but sometimes it looks like the reins are very tight and pulling on the horse to keep their head up. Again, this may be just another form of abuse and not everyone does this. Something else (not sure if people still do this or if this was abuse) is that the horses tails are broken to make them carry it higher. My friend has a saddlebred that used to ride SS and his tail was broken (probably just abuse though, I dont think it’s a normal occurrence) Those are just some things I personally don’t like about SS. Not saying it’s a bad style of riding or anything!!! I have many things I don’t like about every style of riding, even my own. Like I said before, please correct me on anything I got wrong!
@alannahreilly unfortunently this is the problem I face as a SS rider. We get associated with the Tennessee Walkers Big Lick. I show primarily Morgan's and Saddlebreds. If you view my one Horses profile (Alphastar Out of Town) the image I have used is him trotting barefoot but he still has the same high trotting action. We are not associated with the Big Lick so if you take that out of the equation what is harsh?
I don’t know much about it, so I can’t really say. Personally I am not a huge fan of it, it seems a little harsh to me, but like I said I don’t know much about it other than the abuse so I can’t really say that! Sorry this isn’t a good answer
And different types of movements
I really don't know much about it. I know its very different from any type of discipline though. You use your leg differently and