Do you have any experience with polyneuritis polymyositis in horses? My pony just got diagnosed with it and I am so confused and overwhelmed.

@alannahreilly thank you sm💙🧡. i haven’t heard of it either. our vet/chiropractor tried to explain it to me the best her could, but I am still so confused.
@caoimhesweeney that makes much more sense! she has bent having a lot of trouble with her hind end at the canter, like not being able to pick it up at all and constantly switching it if she does. our chiropractor is also a vet, so he diagnosed her and prescribed her with the treatment. he said it is most likely it came from a tick. my trainer and i were confused bc there aren’t many places in the field where she could get a tick bite, not saying that it couldn’t happen. but he said she could have had it for months and it is just now showing up. he said that 30 to 60 days on these meds and constant light therapy and stretching she should be all back to normal! he said i am still able to do light work with her, and that I should be noticing a shift in her within 2 to 3 weeks.
Polyneuritis and polymyositis are two separate diseases but similar in that they both cause inflammation. That inflammation then causes muscle loss in polymyositis, and paralysis of the hind end in polyneuritis. Was it the vet or the chiro that diagnosed her? I've not heard of a tick causing it before, nor of medication helping polyneuritis, but it's great that it's treatable!
Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry about this! It seems like she’s doing pretty good though, I’m glad. I had never really heard too much about this but I hope she gets better soon! Best of luck
@caoimhesweeny She is fine, very tense, but getting better. polynueritis polymyositis as I understand it is inflammation in her nerves and muscles to make anything she feels magnify by 10x. The chiropractor says it is most likely from a tick, she could have had it for a while and it is just now showing up. We have meds on the way that will get rid of the disease. We are still doing light work until the meds really set in, we are even doing a walk trot class in a horse show this weekend with the chiropractor’s permission.
How is your pony? How much of the paralysis has set in?
@caoimhesweeney thank you sm💙🧡
I am so sorry about the diagnosis Abby!
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