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What are the benefits of the back on track therapy and are they worth purchasing, if so, which items?

What are the benefits of the back on track therapy and are they worth purchasing, if so, which items?
Absolutely love my BOT products! While I was skeptical at first I completely believe in them. I have a back brace and 2 calf braces for myself. I have an old back injury that flares up once in a while and my BOT back brace helps to relax the muscles almost instantly. I had a blood clot in my calf about 3 years ago and still have pain in that calf at night and the muscles twitch. I sleep with my BOT calf braces on to relax the muscles, keep them warm and promote blood circulation.

For my horse, I have a BOT back pad. My mare has scar tissue in her low back from the starting gates at the track (thoroughbred). Her first step after mounting, she would drop her back and move very stiffly and it took over 30 minutes to get her to relax and stretch down. Now I groom with the BOT back pad on and take it off right before my ride. No more dropping of her back when she takes her first step undersaddle, she is no longer stiff and is about to stretch down within the first 10 minutes.

Here's a link to explain more about how BOT works

I personally haven’t used any of their products but my trainer uses a BOT sheet for her OTTB. Her OTTB has kissing spine and I think it helps her back feel a little better, but I don’t know too much about it
i too am a bit skeptical of their products but i personally LOVE they’re hock boots!!! they’ve done wonders for my past horse who had hock problems and same with my best friends horse!
Back on track use ceramic to reflect the horse's own body heat back onto the muscles. It's meant to help prevent stiffness, and reduce the likelihood of injury by making muscles more pliable, much like a heat pack or heat lamps.

However, as with any heating product, if there is any swelling or inflammation, it will make it worse.

Whether or not it really works, I'm not sure if there's any studies on it but the reviews have been good so far.
I Think Its a good product! You Can Read about What their effects are and stuff online But i Think many people love Them. For example i know people put their knew protectors help with relievement of muslces and stuff... look online