What’s an alternative to breeches? I only have enough for a pair of cheap riding boots and the Devon Aire All Pro Breeches.

I have one pair of cheap jodhpurs (which are the same as breeches) and I wear them for lessons maybe, but when I’m at home I just wear leggings and things, in a shop here in Ireland , dunes stores is what it’s called, I just got some cheap running leggings and they’re almost like the riding leggings you get with the big brand names for a lot cheaper 😂
Honestly, there is nothing like a pair of real riding breeches to ride in. Like Lily said you can use riding tights but those are usually the same price or more. You can ride on jeans, leggings, jeggings etc., but the best thing to wear is riding pants. They are made to fold and bend in the correct spots and they also will help grip the saddle. Depending on how often you ride, you really only need one pair. If you ride more than 3 times per week then maybe having two pairs of riding pants would be a good idea. Also, try saving money to buy one pair of nicer breeches. These will last longer than cheaper ones. Hope this helps!
riding tights!
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