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Did you ever have a horse with kissing spine, and if so how do you manage it?

Did you ever have a horse with kissing spine, and if so how do you manage it?
Art2ride training is the only thing that truly helps a lot
My friends horse had kissing spine and ended up getting an operation because the maintanance was too much. The horse is perfectly sound now and getting stronger day by day !
I currently ride a horse who has kissing spine and though his is definitely something that needs attention, it isn't the most severe case. Nothing bothers him except dismounting so I try to pay attention to make sure things don't bother him and have to dismount in a particular way. I also do a lot of work to build his topline and get him to use himself properly which helps. I also try to have a very soft seat. At the end of the day though I think it really depends on the unique case.
I know a tb last summer that got diagnosed with kissing spine and they gave him back injections and had him on a very consistent training program riding him to really strengthen his core and he did great after that :-)
I had to retire my TB, you need to get an X-ray and see how bad the spine is. I would go by what your vet says
SmartPaks Ask the Vet Video has one about kissing spine. Look it up on YouTube.
Strengthening the core muscles, especially the abdominals, is very important so the muscles support the weight of the barrel and rider and prevent the kissing spine getting worse.
Check out the Equiband system
I have a thoroughbred who has kissing spine. I found out about 6 months ago. He is now in consistent work and on a lunge program once a week and we have just started jumping again, even did a course the other which was amazing and so much fun. He is on a supplement for joints and muscles, corrective shoeing and has a shockwave treatment about once a month. Hope this helps! 🐴🎆 happy riding
My trainers horse has kissing spine. She is an OTTB and is still ridden regularly. She gets the chiropractor out once a month and I believe she is on supplements for joints to help make her a little more flexible which may help take away any back pain. I’m not sure if she does anything else though... hope this helps!
you might want to consult with your vet. most of the time surgery is the best option