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Horsename starting with a “B” for my foal next year? 😊

Horsename starting with a “B” for my foal next year? 😊
Bunny, Bruno, Boomer, Basil, Bam Bam, Bamboo, Baxter , Bambi , Breeze, Bandanna, and Breezily, also Banana
@abbyloveshorses yes the sport is so different in many ways here! For example: We don’t have hunter or equitation classes in my country and I think most of Europe
@gaildemuynck oh! huh... that is much different than in the U.S.!
Barcelona, Bellamy, Bianca, Bambino... etc. I usually like it when foals are named similar to the parents, but these are just some general suggestions!
@abbyloveshorses in Europe we don’t have a “show name”, we just have to name our foals with a specific letter each year 😊 and next year for my foal that will be with a B
Beatris, beau, bonny
Bailey and show name be Bailey’s Irish Cream. Belle and show name be Princess Belle. Barney and show name be Purple and Green Dinosaur. Blue and show name be Deep Blue.
Belle, bobby, barney, blossom, baby
Bubbles, Beauty, Blake, Brooke, Bella, Beau, Baylor, Blue