Do you know how to teach a horse not to be afraid of crowds or a lot of noise (such as at a competition they start to back up and refuse to go forward)?

Aw thnx so much !! I will look up the ear bonnet ! :) sounds like a great great idea
you could try a sound proof ear bonnet or ear plugs.

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personally, i don’t like the idea of ear plugs but i know lots of people use them to tune out the noise
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if you do end up using the sound canceling ear bonnet a great brand is le meuix.

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hope this helps
Okay, I’ll try that thank you !!
She is also afraid of the crowds and the noise they make too bc I rode past it and when she saw them and heard them making noise she got afraid and started balking up. She is rlly comfortable with the other horses though .
If it’s just just the noise then I would start at your barn, in the ring and have some friends come with you. I would just have her on a halter and lead rope (not riding) and slowly have your friends start clapping and making noise. Start with one person clapping, when your horse starts to get comfortable with that then add another person in, etc.. Also are you sure it’s the noise that is bothering your horse? Could it be having other horses around?
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