What are your advices to jump a solid jump?

I'm assuming you are talking about cross country? I don't do eventing, but what I can tell you is that you and your horse have to have a lot of mutual trust and respect to do cross country. Some horses may be more cautious, so that's why a lot of eventers click before a jump to encourage the horse to jump. Most times you have to slow down before the jump because most times you are straight up galloping to make it into the time limit as cross country courses are very long and you do not want your horse to jump a solid jump flat, but you also want to have enough compulsion to get you through it. This is also the reason thoroughbreds continue to dominate eventing because cross country jumps suit thoroughbreds more, lower, has more depth, and stretches of land between the jumps to gallop and get the momentum going to be able to jump the bigger jumps, the courses aren't as technical as show jumping. Warmbloods dominate show jumping world because technical courses where you have to be fast agile and careful, warmbloods have a lot of power to be able to push off at the base of the jump with explosive power without too much compulsion whereas the thoroughbreds are more fluid and need more momentum before jumping and can't jump super technical courses as well. Sorry for going off topic a little but main advice is to have trust in your horse, start small if u are just beginning and remember to have fun! Hope this helps:)
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