Ask Cavalassur: If I invest in a horse business, do you offer an insurance to cover my risk?

Hello Mona,

We don't have any specific insurance for horses who are meant to be sold, but the existing Cavalassur insurances can be taken even if you are not the owner. You also can insure only your part of a co-owned horse.

Feel free to contact [email protected] for further informations about the stables the answer to your question depends on several points ;)

Charlotte - CM Cavalassur
Thank you, I was indeed thinking of investing in sport horses, do you have specific insurance for horses who are meant to be sold?

If I want to invest in a stable, but without being the main owner, can I insure my part of the stable?
Hello Mona!

Il depends on the risk you want to cover. Actually, we mainly cover accidents, injuries, illnesses, surgeries or death that may happen to the insured horse. If this is what you need, no matter if the horse is yours or not, and if he's meant to be sold or not.

Was it the point of your question?

Charlotte - CM Cavalassur
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