Ask EQUISTRO: Do you recommend a specific alimentation for a horse who travels a lot by plane?


Thank you very much for your quick answer.

It might be a solution for my anxious horses, I'll try it!
Hello David,

Thank you for your question.

For horses which are travelling by plane, we recommended the product BETAMAG FORTE.

It is a liquid dietetic feeding stuff supplying a concentrate of magnesium, and zinc destined to reduce stress reactions in horses and help contribute to well being.
Magnesium is known as an important neural factor and if in sufficient supply, will prevent the release of stress hormones in the body.

BETAMAG Forte helps maintain a calm, balanced horse.
We particularly recommended it for sport horses or horses being transported, or subject to management changes (e.g. new stables/field or external events like contests).
It is not a doping product.

We let you try it and give us feedback :)

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The Equistro Team
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