What exercises do you do for you and your horse on your flat days?

Lots and lots of lateral movements (such as leg yield, shoulder-fore, etc). Collection and extension of the gaits. Working on bend, and always making sure my horse is moving through from the hind end. I believe that you’re flat work is the basis of everything. Whatever you do with the flat work your horse will carry over to your jumping. If your horse can’f carry themselves and move through from behind on the flat, then they won’t be able to carry themselves around a course. Lateral movements also help to improve your horses topline, as well as build muscle in the hind end, which also helps improve your horses jumping ability. Hope this helps. :)
Poles, circles, leg yields, pretty much everything that @ellenmolin said
Leg yields, transitions, circles, extensions, collecting, lateral work... or exercises I’ve done in a previous lesson
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