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What are your tips to have a better and healthier fur?

What are your tips to have a better and healthier fur?
Grooming and some supplements even. I use a few squirts of showsheen on my chestnut and it makes her coat suoer shiny and REALLY soft!❤️
Good daily grooming and a good coat supplement.
Hi Mariana,

You can feed your horse a coat supplement. You can look at because they have prepackaged supplements and they are super easy to mix in with grain. Another thing to make your horse’s coat healthy is grooming. Currying your horse roughly will remove excess dirt and loose hair from the bottom layer. Also The type of brushes that you use are helpful. Natural bristle brushes hold the oils and put them back in the next time you groom. Synthetic/ plastic ones strip the oils. You can also use a coat conditioner (cowboy magic, show sheen, etc.)

Hope this helps x
I think smartpak has a supplement to help with their fur. Maybe try looking at that!
We love feeding milled flax to our boys! It helps keep a healthy and shiny coat but also supports digestive health. A 2 in 1 super food!