How often should we rinse our horse? It gets moderately hot where I live, and I don't feel like it's good to do it every time I ride.

It never hurts to do a quick rinse of the horse. If they are only a little bit sweaty then currying should be fine. If they are really sweaty then definitely hose them. You don’t have to use soap every time, just water will do!
It depends mostly on how hot your horse is, not always the sweat level. If they’re hot after you ride then rinse them off, and even if they’re not partiularly hot but are still sweaty, I would still rinse them off because it’s not good for their skin to sit in the sweat. I also would suggest getting a fan for your horses stall if you can. Hope this helped!!
yeah, sometimes he has minimal sweat marks and i check his chest and he is fine after a light ride but my trainer still gets mad at me. other times she tells me to curry him, but sweat is what cools him off, i wouldn’t want to remove that right?🤔
If you’re just hosing your horse down then I think it’s okay, walking your horse with soaps and things would take out their natural oils so that should be kept to a minimum if possible , but I think hosing them down is okay after a hard workout
It just depends on how much your horse sweats. If it doesn't sweat too much, then I don't see why you have to rinse them off, just brushing them would do.