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Does anyone know of any good internship places ?

Does anyone know of any good internship places ?
Alright ! Thanks so much you have no idea ! You made my day 😊
You’re Welcome!

Red Bucket is more riding and Days End is more on - ground
Thanks so much Lily !! I really appreciate it
Hi Zoë! there is also Red Bucket Equine Rescue in california
Thank you so much !! I will definitely look into it sounds really interesting and I’d love it !! Thanks again for giving the site !
It’s Red Bucket Horse Rescue in California. Its a summer internship working with abused and neglected horses that were rescues so they can go through re hab, get trained and then go into forever homes
Hi Lily !

Do you mind telling me which places these are ? It could be an option, I’ll look into it . Yes I’m looking moreso for showjumping but working with rescues sounds amazing and I wouldn’t mind that at all !
Hi Zoë!

How far would you be willing to travel? I know of a few good places in the U.S that would involve working with rescue horses, but if you are looking into showjumping then it may not be for you.
I love being around and caring for the horses but I want to progress as a show jumper aswell
Hello Zoe !

In which field are you looking for?