At what times of the day and how frequently do you give your horse's hay?

My horse gets fed 1 flake at 1:00 then 2 flakes at 7:00 after I ride then an other 2 at 9:00. He’s in turn out all morning
The horses at my barn get thrown 2 biscuits of hay morning and night if they are in a small yard or stable and 1 biscuit morning and night for those that are in a big paddock. Everyone at my barn has to buy there own hay and hard feeds! Hard feeds are given to the horse whenever the owner has requested! I give my horses there hard feeds in the PM 😊 and they get hard feeds 3 times a week 😊 hope this helps
So of the horses at my barn get 2 flakes of hay in the morning with breakfast (grain), 1 flake for lunch (around noon), and 2 flakes for dinner (grain). Breakfast time depends on the day but is anywhere from 7-9, lunch is around noon, and dinner varies but anywhere from 4-6 depending on when the barn owner works