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How do we know if our hip angle is open and how do we open it?

How do we know if our hip angle is open and how do we open it?
Ahahaha that’s crazy! At least now you will understand what I was trying to say 😂
@alannahreilly lol I actually did ballet! I did it for around 7 to 8 years before I didn't have time for it anymore. I don't do any kind of dancing at all atm but I'll definitely try practicing the positions and see if they help. Maybe my younger ballet/dance obsessed self with come back out!
Something that I was told to help me remember to open my hips is to ride in a frog position. For some reason I totally understood this and it has helped me a lot. Also, something that can really help you open up your hip and make it more flexible is ballet. I have done ballet since I was 3, so it comes more naturally to me. Something that is very important in ballet is to make sure your legs are “turned out” which means opening your hips. If you aren’t comfortable taking an actual class, look up some pictures online. There is first, second, third, fourth, and fifth position. I think the best for someone to understand is first and second position so look at pictures of those. Try them out yourself and notice how you are standing, and then try to get your inner thighs as far forward by turning them (if that makes sense?) don’t bend your knees and keep your back straight up. I hope this helps! Good luck!
Hello Sharon !

To open your hip angle you can try the exercice the "frog" (lift your leg from the hip as much as you can, stay 3seconds and put it back to its place).

You will know if it's open or not by your knee position (if it's packed into the saddle it means it's close but if it's just close to the saddle it means your angle is right).
Try to put as much weight as you can on yours heels down and it will help you keeping this angle open.

I hope i could answer your question :)