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What are some advice for a horse who moves when you try to put the bridle?

What are some advice for a horse who moves when you try to put the bridle?
Anytime we have issues with horses and bridling we put molasses or something sweet on the bit to reinforce the Bridle isn’t a bad thing and that they have something to look forward to! We do this a few times and it definitely makes a difference 😊 hope this helps
@hannahbouman from what I know of she hasn’t been hurt, thought before I bought her she had been out off work for 3 months and they put her old bridle on and it was way too small she could hardly close her mouth she was so uncomfortable. But when I got her I bought a new bridle and bit that fit her perfectly. And she is getting better when I stop her from moving back she opens her mouth a little , before she used to put her head up a lot but not anymore.
Sorry bout the typos guys... like I was saying if your pony has a reason to be afraid of the bridal you should try desensitizing her by rubbing it all over her or just putting it by her stall. And if she doesn’t open her mouth for the bit try sticking your thumb in the corner of her mouth and pushing down on the tongue. I hope this helps😁
Has there been any times where your pony was hurt, or injured by the bridal? Has there been any times where your pony was hurt, or injby the bridal
@alannahreilly thank you :) x
When you take the halter off you can put it over her neck and keep her on the cross ties (I think you already said you did this but whatever😂). Try putting honey or crushed peppermint on the bit so she smells it and tries to eat/lick it. You can also try putting her in the stall when you put the bridle on so she can’t back up anywhere. Put her butt near/against the corner. I’ve never had this problem with my horse (I’ve been blessed by some type of horse god) so these are just ideas that may help. Good luck!
So when I take the headcollar off my pony to put around her neck so I have something to hold onto when but on her bridle but she moves backwards making it hard for me to quickling put the headcollar around her neck.She then might stand after I reassure her and then when I put her rains over her neck so starts to walk backwards again making the whole process so much more difficult.

She almost ran off on my one day because she moved away as soon as I unclipped the headcollar knowing what was coming next for her and I had to grab her mane to stop her from running off.

It’s so annoying and unsafe and when we’re at home it’s one thing but I’m afraid for the summer when I do take her out to more places she’ll continue this.

Can anyone help?