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What is the main reason you give your time as a volunteer in equestrian sport?

What is the main reason you give your time as a volunteer in equestrian sport?
Honestly if you help out and work hard you can get some killer deals! But it’s fun seeing riders and different techniques.
To learn about a ther horses 🐴
Ride other horses
Get paid
Get involved in other horse barns
Learn hacks
Learn life lessons
Learn life skills
I do it for several reasons: 1) I love horses and I want to spend as much time with them as I can, even if they're not mine and I'm not getting paid, 2) I love to promote horse sports to others and share my love of horses with others who feel the same way, and 3) I also enjoy helping out and promoting horse sports to those who may not be as involved or as knowledgeable as I am. Reason #3 is especially important to me because I want people who are new to the industry to feel welcome. The more, the merrier, after all!
I do it because I love horses and they are my whole world!! I love caring for them, even if it means mucking. Horses are my reason!❤️

In my case, the main reason is to know more about the equestrian sport. I'm always 100% in every activity my stables organizes like events, clinics or whatever... because you know how it works from the inside and it helps you to understand how much effort and time it takes. :)
We also know if we do
I do it because it's is my life and i need to know more and more about everithing about This secound world
I do it because I need to get more involved, so I know a lot before I go out and get a working student position in order to live my ultimate dream 😊!

I think volunteering is a good way to be involved in amazing events, you're not just a spectator but you're really useful. You can see the event from inside, learn a lot of things, meet people with the same passion,...

I wish I could have more time to do it!