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How much do you pay for boarding a month and how much do you think boarding would be at a normal hunter, jumper, equitation barn (not the most fancy)?

How much do you pay for boarding a month and how much do you think boarding would be at a normal hunter, jumper, equitation barn (not the most fancy)?
My board is 650$ including hay, feed and bedding.
I feel so sorry for everyone living in the US wow haha, where I live I pay 375 euro & that is like very high and fancy already.
@mssharonpark gosh! remind me to never move to California!! We got a steal on my fancy pony who is the full sister of the 2016 Large Greens National Champion, but she has sky high anxiety and no one could work with her. So her owner dumped her at my farm and I got the opportunity to work with her and we developed this strong bond. We asked her owner for a full lease on her and she said that we don’t have to pay anything bc we were getting her off of her hands. So we have an amazingly fancy and talented pony on a free full lease😆!! I would serisouly hope that your lease horse is at least a quality horse for that price! How much are shows in CA? For a three day show in VA it totals out to about $1,500 including hotel.
I only pay $600 a month for board which includes grain, getting turned out, and getting blanketed if needed! We pay for shoes each month which costs about $300 so I only pay about $1000 per month. Also our board went up because of financial issues with the barn so we were paying even less! You are definitely getting overcharged
@abbyloveshorses I'm sorry! And omg thats cheap! (lol no offense thats just not what I'm used to). I pay $1000 for a half lease of one of the school horses(does include lessons tho). I wish I could lease a different horse that I love and also that I could show but he's $1800 and thats a bit out of our price range. And $1800 is a HALF LEASE?!
@mssharonpark you are definitely being overcharged! including feed, farrier, and currently vet bills it totals up to about $1,000 a month as a rough estimate. my pony has been very low maintenance until she got this disease, so that brought the price up from about $700 a month to now about $1,000 bc of medication, vet bills, and chiropractor bills.
@abbyloveshorses if you have your own horse, how much more does it cost other than boarding? So like total for everything in a month
@abbyloveshorses definately! I asked the question to see what average boarding was and I'm paying WAY TOO much! Also if you have your
@mssharonpark holy cow! that is a heck of a lot for 1 month!! $475 is actually pretty expensive for my area in Virginia! my barn is definitely not that fancy, but the care is the best in the area. We do have nice stalls and sizable turnouts, and occasionally go to A shows, but nothing fancy at all. I would definitely look at different barns bc that is insane, especially for a very basic facilities!!
@abbyloveshorses wow thats pretty inexpensive! I looked at some of your pictures and posts and it looks like your barn is "fancier" than mine. Idk if its because everything is so expensive in CA but I have to pay $2500 a month! That doesn't even include farrier bills either. Our barn doesn't have the most fanciest facilities or have huge stalls or a big turnout. I'm definately looking into different barns now!
I pay $475 a month for full care. My barn is very low maintenance with no fancy tools at all, but the staff are amazing. It is a little pricey for my area, but I like the care a lot. I would say the typical hunter/equitation barn would probably cost around $425 to $450 a month for good care.
Im from Europe so it might be a little different, but we pay 820€ and 950(?)€ for full care. My barns are in the capital city area, so a lot more expensive than in the countryside