How long do you walk your horse before you start trotting/cantering for a lesson and what’s your warmup with times?

My warm up is important as I ride a 21 year old, however I find walking very beneficial, having a solid walk, with a horse going well and forward will be beneficial for transitions and will be essential for a better ride, there’s so many things you can focus on in walk. Usually I spend 10-15 minutes on a warm up before properly trotting and cantering 😁
My warm up isn't as extensive. I just walk around the ring for a lap making sure he he moves forward into the bit at a nice extended walk then I start trotting circles. I do two circles at posting trot, change direction and do it in the other side, and do sitting trot, same thing to do a total of eight circles before I canter.
I start my warm up with about 10 mins of walk on a long rein/light contact and do some circles. Really develop the bend and feel. I then move onto trot for about 5 mins. Doing some circles and letting him lower and stretch. I then do some lateral work in walk to engage him and pick up the contact. Do some frame work and lateral work then I canter

I want him to be supple and engaged before I canter him. I find I get a better canter
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