How do you memorize your course at a show, and what to do if you forget part of it midway jumping?

I would take my time during the course walk so you can memorise the course multiple times. After the course walk watch as many people go as you can, it will help you remember as wel. If you after that still forget the course half way through, courses are usually really predictable so just keep yourself calm and look around in the direction you think the next fence will be. That way you still might be able to pick up the rest of the course
You normally get to see your course during the course walk, and get to count the strides in between the jumps, and generally will have a chance to formulate a plan and what you want to do. Like the striding etc. I like to visualize me jumping the course in my head, I find that helps a lot. And about forgetting the course in the middle, don't worry! A girl from our barn forgot and went to the wrong jump so it was seen as a refusal, but that's ok cause you live and learn. We all make mistakes. You don't have to be nervous. Your horse will sense it and it will make her nervous too. It's your first show right? Just take it easy and have fun! Take whatever happens as an experience to learn from, whether it was good or bad. Hope this helps:)
ALSO she is young and green so I’m a little nervous πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
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