What kind of things do you do to get/ stay in shape?

When I workout I work mainly on core because that’s what balances you when you’re riding but n
There are many things you can do to get in shape, and everyone does something different, it's whatever works for you. For example, if you are skinny, you probably won't need to do cardio and more strength training to gain more muscle. For me, I like doing cardio because it helps me shed fat and is a great warm up in my opinion because it gets your heart pumping and muscles loosened. I like doing HIITS high intensity workouts like burpees, jumping jacks etc and jump rope routine. I also do strength workouts for abs butt legs etc. I find equipment like resistance bands very helpful for leg and butt workouts like squats. It helps enhance the workout and you get more out of doing the same movement. Some people also like going to the gym, but I always preferred working out at home. Remember to have rest days to allow your muscles to heal and stretch afterwards to prevent injury and lessen soreness. I think ice baths or icing is particularly helpful after a really intense workout to prevent soreness and I fury as well. Hope this helps:)
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